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In the surroundings of Castellar de n’hug we can find different places of tourist interest. At the entrance of the village there is a monument to the Catalonian Shepherd dog which welcomes the visitors. In the heart of the village, there is the church of Santa Maria de n’Hug, the shepherd’s museum and the audiovisual about the course of the river Llobregat. The village has a swimming pool, a sport track and a centre of activities and environmental education.
In the Clot del Moro, you can visit the Museum of the Concrete and you can get on the Train of the Concrete, which can take you to a short route to visit the Artigas Gardens (by Gaudí) in la Pobla de Lillet.
You can also go on a roman route and enjoy the two churches situated in our surroundings, the Church of Sant Vicenç de Rus and Sant Joan de Cornudell and the Roman Monastery of Santa Maria de Lillet (S.IX) and the Ronda de Sant Miquel, which are in the surroundings of la Pobla de Lillet. Some kilometres away you can visit the Sanctuary of Montgrony, a unique and idyllic place.
Each season of the year offers us different possibilities to enjoy our environment: Routes on foot to reach the different fountains around our village, such as the Font del Sofre, the Font del Music, etc. In spring and autumn we have many different kinds of mushrooms. You can also fish in the river Llobregat.
As the Ski Resort of La Molina is so close we can enjoy the ski and all-year-round leisure activities (horses, bicycles, quads, etc.).
In August there are different activities for the tourism organised in the village every weekend, a part from the well-known Catalonian Shepherd Dog’s championship. The end of the summer leads us to the autumn and the nature changes from the exuberant green of the summer to the ochre shades and the burst of the berries.

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